Prints & Colours #1

I love prints and I love colour. When I first started working upon graduating in 2006, all my work clothes were from the usual safe options – G2000, Metro, Robinsons. Long sleeved shirts in plain pastel colours, and plain black pants or skirts. How very boring. At the age of 24, I must have looked like an Aunty before my time (I have photos to prove it).

Fortunately, as I grew comfortable in the working world, I realised that you do not have to dress like every other person on the MRT train. This applies even if you work in a standard 9am – 5pm office environment (ie. not one of those media / art industry offices where you can live everyday in jeans and tees).

Fashion is my way of making myself happy when I go to work. It perks me up especially when I’m feeling particularly gloomy. So let me share with you some of my daily wear!

outfit 27/09/12

Today I am wearing:

grey top: Glitter Glam
skirt: FashionLab
bag: Sweater Girls tote bag
shoes: plain black pumps from Americaya (not shown)

The photo above has been filtered using omg photo filters.


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