Last week in Instagram: 8/10 – 14/10

Last week in Instagram! Are you on Instagram? Add me (@georgitweets). I think Instagram is handsdown my favourite social network tool so far. No spiteful or numerous complaint posts, just lots of pretty and inspiring visuals!

9/10 Tuesday: I bought the chirpiest little purse to hold my keys, lip balm, and thumb drive. It’s exactly the sort of purse I would love to make on my own. I must stress this is not an impulse buy. I needed a new key purse because my old own was getting icky to touch. This pretty purse is handcrafted by Flower In The Wildernest.

9/10 Tuesday: My staple lunch drink – apple & celery juice – this time, with a really twee cover.

9/10 Tuesday: Bf and I explored Lorong Kilat, in Bukit Timah. It’s shocking how many quirky little cafes are sprouting up in all corners of Singapore. We went to look at the vintage furniture at Carpenter and Cook and ended up eating pancakes at Nook-DIY House of Pancakes. Interestingly each pancake in our rainbow stack had a different taste (wonders of flavouring). I was most attracted to the bright turquoise green pancake but it tasted the weirdest. Too much like a fizzy drink crossed with bubblegum.

12/10 Friday: My syrian girl hamster, Pumpkin, lives in a palace that spans 6 floor tiles in the living room.

14/10 Sunday: I baked Molten Chocolate Cookies (recipe to come).  Dear food critic brother says that they are too powdery. Oh well practice makes perfect.

15/10 Sunday: Daisy from bf is still standing strong! ❤


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