Apple & Blueberry Crumble

Another baking post! Is this turning into a baking blog? No. I’m just on a baking obsession right now.

Last week, I met up with two of my close friends for a baking exchange! Or as one termed it – a “domestic goddesses meetup”. Each of us were supposed to bake one dish. There were chocolate brownies, Nutella cheesecake, and my contribution – Apple & Blueberry Crumble.

I chose to make a crumble because I had to find a quick and simple recipe to bake on Sunday night. I also needed to bake something that could be served cold, as I was bringing it from home in the morning to work, and then to our meetup over dinner. Plus, after my last encounter with Apple Pie, I wanted to explore more ways of baking with apples.

There are many many Apple Crumble recipes on the Internet. I used this one , from Butter. At the same time I must say that I’m in love with her blog. So many yummy looking baked confections! I really want to make these Easy Nutella Brownie Oreo Cupcakes next (but without the frosting).

Based on my limited experiece with baking, I personally find crumbles to be the easiest. All you need to do is cook/ stew the fruit, make some crumbly, buttery, floury topping to sprinkle on top, and put it in the oven! I’ve even seen Apple Crumble recipes that don’t require you to cook the apples at all, like this recipe from BBC Food. What crumble shall I make next, I wonder..


Whilst writing this blog post, the phrase “domestic goddess” gets me thinking about Nigella Lawson, and how I’ve never gotten round to reading her cookbooks before. I think I’ll start with her epitome title – How To Be A Domestic Goddess first.


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