Hooray for My Little Airport

I’m excited. My favourite indiepop band of all time, My Little Airport has just released their seventh album, Lonely Friday. My Little Airport is from Hong Kong and they sing mostly in Cantonese, but sometimes in halting English / French. I wish I understood their words. But I’m always in love with their melodies that can range from sweet and gentle to upbeat and catchy.

It appears that My Little Airport rarely performs live these days, even in Hong Kong. I’m so glad they came to Singapore once, and I saw them play when the party is over, I miss my dear porn star live. That is my favourite My Little Airport song so far, and I’ve uploaded the demo version, which appeared on the limited release My Little Airport X Lyfe Music, here.

My Little Airport’s music videos are really whimiscal too! With 7 songs from the new album already up on Youtube, I know it’s going to be a good album.

Now onto the music from Lonely Friday!

my little airport – 去信和賣碟
This video is set in Sino Centre which is a must-visit if you ever go to Hong Kong. I was there several times on my last visit to Hong Kong and stocked up on my indie HK band cds. There are a number of tiny independent music stores there.

my little airport – 爺就是一名辭職撚
Ah P and Nicole look so adorably sweet in this video. I don’t think I’ve seen Ah P appear in any of their music videos before, but for Lonely Friday, the both of them are in 3 videos so far!

my little airport – 牛頭角青年
A good example of one of their catchy songs. I love!

You can watch the other videos here, from their albums past and present. I am getting my copy of Lonely Friday from YesAsia.

And one more thing, there is a song on Lonely Friday titled – How Can You Fall In Love With A Guy Who Doesn’t Know Gainsbourg? How true, and I can relate! Bf doesn’t have to be a francophile like moi, but he knows who Gainsbourg is, and that’s enough. 😛


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