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Jane Brocket – Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer: A Golden Treasury of Classic Treats

It’s not just a cookbook. It’s about quaint, vintage food.. from classic Children’s Lit!!! Think Secret Garden, Little Women, What Katy Did and lots of Enid Blyton. I cannot ask for anything more. I loved Enid Blyton as a child, and I still do. I still have all my Enid Blyton books! As a child, what I found fascinating was reading Blyton’s descriptions of cakes, sweets and meat pies. Children seemed to eat little veggies and fruits. It was sweet treats all the way.

This is an interesting article from The Guardian, about food in Enid Blyton. For a taste of what to expect in this book, here is an article by the author Jane Brocket, on Top 10 Food Scenes in Children’s Literature.

This book is now out of print. I guess there isn’t an audience for books about vintage cookery and children’s literature. I managed to get my copy from Amazon UK marketplace. My copy just arrived over the weekend, and I can foresee happy night readings in bed. I like how it doesn’t read like just a normal recipe book, but more like a commentary on the kinds of food that the children eat in books. Each recipe comes with a relevant passage from its corresponding book.

Jane Brocket has just published a new cookery book, Vintage Cakes, which combines cake history, vintage style and recipes. Food history is one of my favourite genres in books, so this sounds very me. And I’ve seen it in Singapore already!

More to read from the author:
Food as art: it looks almost too good to eat, The Guardian, Friday 3 August 2012


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