Relaxing serenades

My mum is like me. We both get prone to sudden obsessions that we just can’t let go. By obsession I mean – food, hobbies, music, film. We get obsessed with these fancies for a while, until something new takes us over.

I heard Theme From A Summer’s Place on the radio this afternoon, and was reminded of my mum’s orchestral music obsession. This must have been in the late 90s. I can’t remember how it started, maybe it had to do with a Reader’s Digest box set of “relaxing music”. I think I’ll go back and dig out the cd! Because we can all do with relaxing melodies at mid-week.

These two are not music I would normally blog about. But I have fond memories of them, having heard them being played on repeat in the living room stereo. Presenting my mum’s ultimate favourites!

Percy Faith – Theme from A Summer’s Place

The Ronald Binge Orchestra – Elizabethan Serenade


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