12 Days of Christmas Swop update

An update of the 12 Days of Christmas Swop! I got my partner details over the weekend, and finished buying all my presents for the swap. I am sending my swap package to Erin at RubenesqueSmoothie . And in return, I’ll be getting a parcel from Teresa at Adventures of a girl from the Naki. Exciting! I had a fun time finding little gifts, a mix of all sorts. I hope my swap partner likes them!

Silly me forgot all about taking photos of the process of wrapping the parcels and packing them for postage. I don’t think I have giftwrapped so many things at one time. While giftwrapping, I listened to the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack twice through.

Here is the parcel all ready to be sent to USA! May it reach safely and on time!

I think this might be the last time I’m using the post office at my work place, because it is closing down. Sigh. No more quick post office trips during lunch.


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Swop update

  1. 😀 Me too, I didn’t realise that gift-wrapping 12 small random things could have taken so much time 😀
    But I had fun searching for things for my swap “partner”.

    I hope you will receive your package soon and well.

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