12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 1

After a long wait, my 12 Days of Christmas Swop parcel from Teresa finally arrived on Saturday 8th Dec! Good things always take time and are worth the wait!


I was so excited to open it!


Inside, all the tiny little parcels were kept snugly in a really nice looking cotton tote bag. And so useful too! I will definitely find use for the tote bag as a spare book bag or for groceries! Teresa included a sweet Christmas card in the parcel too.

Now on to the first parcel…


Tearing open the first parcel, I almost missed checking out the envelope on the front! It turned out to be a little notecard from Teresa.


She got me cookie cutters because she read my blog and saw that I liked baking! That’s so sweet!


This is how the cookie cutters look like. I can use them to make my own edible cookie christmas tree! Imagine a sugar cookie tree, or maybe chocolate chip…. Endless possibilities!

That’s present 1! Let’s see what will be present 2, tomorrow!

I thought it’ll be nice to post some Christmas songs whilst blogging about the swop. So for the first song, here is Best Coast & Wavves with a Christmas duet:

Best Coast & Wavves – Got Something For You


4 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 1

  1. I was so happy the package arrived in time! I was worried it wouldn’t make it. I really hope you enjoy the cookie cutters and I hope you will post pictures of the cookies you bake:)

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