12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 5

day 5

Day 5’s present is soft compared to the previous presents. Opening it up, I saw a piece of lace cloth folded up. I wondered what it could be? A tablecloth?

day 5 2

It was the cutest apron ever! Oh my goodness! The iphone photo does not do justice to this apron. I’ve never had an apron before. I would  be like a 1950s housewife wearing this whilst baking. Coincidentally, I just borrowed Angel Adoree’s Vintage Tea Party Book from the library, and there is a section on aprons just like this in the book!

day 5 3

Teresa embroided the dear little fox on her own. Here is a closeup to show the embroidery and the beautiful details of the apron. I think this is my favourite present so far, if we are allowed to have favourites!

Today’s Christmas song is from 1960s Singaporean girl singer, Naomi & The Boys!

Naomi & The Boys – Silver Bells


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