12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 9


To be honest, ever since I opened the box of presents from Teresa, I could not wait to open Day 9’s parcel. Look how prettily it’s wrapped! I love that pink measuring tape ribbon.


A set of glamourous accessories! It’s a black brooch that doubles up as a hair clip, a sweet little pocket mirror, and a hair band! The brooch is something I’ll definitely wear on my work clothes, and I’ll wear the hair band on special occassions.


A closeup of the hairband. I was thrilled to see it because just a few hours before opening the present, I fell in love with a similar headband in OK Magazine! And was just thinking.. hmm.. maybe I should get a hairband similar to that. It’s like Teresa forecasted the future and read my mind.


A closeup of the mirror. So bling!

This is a Christmas song I just discovered this year, though it was released in 2011.

Emmy The Great with Tim Wheeler – (Don’t Call Me) Mrs Christmas


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