Hello 2013 (belated)

Gosh! 1st post of 2013?!

This is what I’ve been up to for the past three months.

1. I turned 30. And it’s great! When I was in my teens I dreaded the thought of being 30. But now I’m so glad that my 20s are over. It also helps that people still think I look 25.

2. I got married. Happiness is when you know that you’ve finally met the right person to be your best friend for life.

3. I moved across the island, from West to East. I’ve spent all my previous 29 years in the West, so it’s great to finally be  an Eastsider!

4. Husband and I bought a new nest for ourselves. And with that comes the dealing of bank loans, insurance, renovation, etc.

5. I am learning to cook. Have to go beyond my usual staple of rice and fried egg and tofu. I set up a tumblr for my mum to see what goes on in our kitchen. I miss my mum’s food, but so far we’ve been going back once a week to eat.

So it’s been an amazing 2013 so far, with many changes in my life! So excited to see what else the year has in store!


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