happy weekend

I just had a fantastic weekend. So awesome, that I’m surprised the Monday blues were not that bad.

1. Friday: Watched Django Unchained
I was looking forward to watching this for the longest time. Quentin Tarrantino’s films are such a joy to watch, even though they’ve been getting increasingly violent of late (since Kill Bill). But I adore his soundtracks! Just like Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarrantino has a knack for choosing the most obscure music that you otherwise wouldn’t discover had it not been on a movie soundtrack.

This was the opening song, and set the mood so well. It harks back to epic films of the past.

2. Saturday: Two great meals
Ever since moving out, I miss my mum’s cooking greatly. So going back home on Saturday for lunch was another highlight. Plus, I brought back some more of my cds! Sadly, all my vinyl records and over 50% of my cds are still at home. One day I shall bring them all with me… and clutter up my new place!

For dinner, we went to Keppel Bay to use my TCC Birthday discount. The food was decent, especially since it was 50% off, so I cannot complain. The best part of the meal was the chocolate cake. It was my first time at Keppel Bay too. I’m impressed by how peaceful and scenic the area is. Quite unlike “normal” Singapore!


3. Sunday: So many things done in one day!
My husband always calls me a bumblebee because I can’t keep still at home. I have to do things. Example, I cannot leave a stack of dishes in the sink. They have to be cleaned as soon as I can. So anyway. On Sunday, I was very pleased to have – cooked lunch (pork rib soup with apple and rice), baked Nutella cookies (with this recipe), vacummed and mopped the floor, did laundry, and prepared slow cooker dinner for Monday. I’m giving myself a Gold Star! Oh, and in between, I found time to start reading my newly acquired book – Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down.

After all that work, we walked to our favourite neighbourhood cafe for pizza dinner. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

I hope every weekend could be like this weekend!


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